Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You might think I’m talking about Christmas (obviously), or how beautiful and wonderful fall is (it really is).  But nope.

I’m talking about college basketball.

Oh yes.  Carolina opens its regular season this Friday (on 11/11/11!) on an aircraft carrier.  Carolina’s first regular season game is quite possibly one of the highlights of my entire year.  I love it.  I know that from that day until the first Monday in April, I’ll get to watch good college basketball every single week. 

I love good defense and 5-second violations.  I love the emotion and the adrenaline.  I love beating teams by double digits, and I love buzzer beaters just for the rush.  I love hating Dick Vitale.  I love “One Shining Moment.”  I love when the score reaches 100.  I love when the walk-ons put points on the board. And I have a special place in my heart for scrappy point guards (and for Wes Miller). 

For this warm weather girl, college basketball is winter’s one redeeming grace.

I have high hopes for my boys this season, but even if they don’t live up to expectations, a small piece of me will always sing “Hark the Sound” at the end of a game. 

Go Heels! 

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