Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Molly is my puppy, and she’s awesome, as all of my roommates will happily attest.  I found Molly at an animal shelter when I wanted something happy in my life.  It may not have been the best motivation in the world, but it’s a decision I’m pretty sure I’ll never regret.  One of my roommates asked if I wanted to go to the shelter with her to “play with the dogs.”  She knew how much I wanted a dog, so really, it was her sneaky little plan to get me to actually get a dog. It worked.
                So I’m going to gush about her.  She has really big ears.  She’s very snuggly and cuddly, and she even gives me hugs when I come home (seriously).  She does not like to be alone.  She loves to eat.  She likes grass and sticks and rocks and dirt and bushes.  She barks at new things and new people, but only when she’s on her turf, and she warms up quickly.  Outside of her house/yard, she’s very polite.  She loves to burrow under the bed (and then she sticks her little nose out).  She doesn’t like coffee, so she growls at it.  Same for peppermint lotion.  It’s so fun to discover all of her little quirks, and also so fun to be greeted with such enthusiasm every time I walk through the door. I mean, really, who else is ever going to do that for me?? 


  1. hilarious that she growls at coffee. i don't like many dogs (like them individually, not necessarily the whole species over), but i think i could like a dog who knows her own mind on beverages.

  2. roofus wants to have a playdate with molly. he has big ears and likes to eat too! you've needed to love and be loved by your own pooch for a long time! it sounds like you found just the right one!! i can't wait to meet miss molly!