Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Riddance, 2011!

Dear 2011,
                No offense or anything, but you were pretty hard on me.  A year ago, I was confused and miserable and constantly anxious.   I spent the first three months of the year like that.  I spent the next three months of the year grieving and sad.  And the three months after that, trying to adjust to a life I hadn’t really planned on.  You gave me a lot of tears and heartache.
                I’m sure, in the grand scheme of things, that there was a purpose in you.  I know you taught me lessons I haven’t seen yet, and I can already see the good that is coming from you.  In all fairness, you were very kind to me sometimes.  When things were really difficult, you gave me lots of beach trips to help me out.  You also brought my adorable little puppy to me.  And these last few months have actually been pretty great.  I love God more than I did a year ago, I’ve found a church I love, I’ve been given some pretty great friends, and all in all, my life is happy and fulfilling. 
                But nevertheless, 2011, I’m not sad to see you go. 
                So this is goodbye.  Please take your painful memories with you. 
                And here’s to 2012, hopefully full of new adventures and lots of laughter!

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