Monday, July 25, 2011

What Happens After?

What happens after love has died and all that’s left are the scars?
What happens after the hurtful words have been heard?
What happens after the person you gave your heart to discards it like trash?
What happens after your dreams crumble?
What happens after the anger has dissolved and the tears have been shed?
What happens after you realize you lost yourself in someone else?

If I gave my heart away, am I now nothing but an empty shell?
Am I just a ghost of the girl who once was?

Or maybe…

Emptiness is the beginning of being filled.
The death of one dream means the birth of new ones.
The girl who lost herself can be found again.

My heart never belonged to me; it was always and still is the possession of the One who made it.

I can’t be put together unless I’m broken.

Treasures are found in darkness, deep beneath the earth.
Pearls are formed in secret places from grains of sand.

What comes after is the rest of this glorious, Christ-filled life, stained with tears but still joyful. 

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  1. Love this! Who knew you could write such good poetry:)