Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Molly made two new friends over the weekend, Audrey and Moose.  Audrey may be more of a frenemy, but as for Moose, well, I think it's true love.  I don't (yet) have pictures of the two of them together, but Molly definitely has a little bit of a crush.  I think she was giving away a bit too much at first, but she did get a kiss from him eventually, so apparently her charms are working.  Maybe I need to take some notes :)

Molly likes to be under things, most notably my bed.  Usually it's her hind feet sticking out, or she's all the way under the bed, chewing up the underside of my box spring (it could be worse), but I finally managed to get this picture.  So cute!

Molly likes to dig holes, because she likes to eat dirt.

This is my friend Ava, who's 4. She's the daughter of one of my best friends from college (Kristi), but when Kristi was about to go with me to the beach for a girls' weekend, Ava told her mom that she was my friend.  I'll take it, Ava!  She's pretty awesome.  I love you, sweet girl!

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